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Welcome to Futures Inc!  In an era where instant access to information by anyone, from anywhere is expected, serious security issues are increasingly common.  We specialize in network security and have a long history of helping customers identify weaknesses within their own environments.  Futures Inc then works with you to find the best solution to tighten down your virtual world without obstructing your company's workflow.

Futures does not produce "one-size-fits-all" security packages, we specialize in custom security solutions for security profiles of all levels.  These solutions are based on our DDST methodology for building security solutions that allow an average computer user to have a powerful network security/monitoring suite set-up and configured within minutes.  DDST systems are network-aware, intelligent systems that allow the user to focus on analyzing network data rather than configuring the system.  Our DDST solutions include analysis capabilities for wired and wireless networks.  Futures already uses these systems for our Wi-Fi Survey and Internal Network Analysis engagements.

Futures Inc believes in automation to help provide fast and accurate results to customers.  Our automated processes utilize proven methodologies for analyzing network traffic.  These processes allow us to return accurate results to our customers in less time than our competitors.  We provide results with detailed information so you know what is going on in your network from high to low levels.  Our time-tested techniques greatly reduce the time necessary for our analysts to understand your network traffic, thereby reducing the cost to you.  Let the Futures Inc team of experts evaluate your company's security posture and recommend ways to transform your network into a stronger and more resilient business tool.

As a dedicated and professional company, we will take your enterprise to the future of network security.




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