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Why do hackers love WiFi? Because wireless networks are hard to secure. Wired networks start and end inside your building; they rest safely behind your firewall. Where does your wireless network end? Which nearby wireless networks reach inside your building? Are all the wireless routers you deployed each configured correctly? These are important questions, but they can be hard to answer. Futures Inc. WhirlWind finds the answers to these questions quickly and easily.

WhirlWind puts powerful wireless security applications at your disposal in the form of an easy-to-use bootable CD-ROM that works on virtually any computer or laptop. No special skills are needed to operate WhirlWind. Simply insert the WhirlWind CD-ROM, power up your computer, and WhirlWind does the rest.

Using a combination of open source and proprietary software, WhirlWind detects, catalogues, characterizes, and maps wireless networks automatically. And WhirlWind detects all the wireless networks in your environment. “Cloaked” networks are not invisible to WhirlWind—it detects cloaked networks and reveals their hidden network names (ESSIDs). WhirlWind records the external characteristics of wireless networks (network name, hardware address, max. data rate, geographic coordinates, type of security, etc.) as well as the internal data being transmitted (source and destination IP addresses, protocols being used, and actual network data sent/received). Once collection is done, WhirlWind outputs its information to the storage device of your choosing (internal hard drive or external storage) in the form of an easy-to-understand map (viewable with Google Earth™).

For those interested in analyzing the wireless network traffic collected by WhirlWind, Futures Inc. offers an add-on tool called WindTunnel, which extracts the files (pictures, web pages, MS Office™ documents, PDF, etc.) and summarizes the collected wireless network traffic for subsequent analysis. Are trusted insiders smuggling sensitive corporate information to a competitor through a nearby wireless connection? Are your employees circumventing corporate Internet usage policies by surfing through an open WiFi network? The combination of WhirlWind and WindTunnel can show you exactly what’s taking place in your wireless networking environment and provide you all the data files that were sent or received to prove it.

WhirlWind Demonstration at your fingertips.  Just click below to see how easy it is to use and what you could be uncovering with WhirlWind.

Whirl Wind Demo

WhirlWind is currently packaged in three different versions:

  • WhirlWind Silver: Discontinued. Displays and stores WiFi network information (data output includes mapping capabilities).

  • WhirlWind Gold: Discontinued. Contains the functionality of the Silver edition plus stores collected traffic to a dump file.

  • WhirlWind Platinum: FREE DOWNLOAD. Contains the functionality of the Gold edition plus full capabilities to utilize more than one WiFi card.

WhirlWind Silver WhirlWind Gold WhirlWind Platinum WhirlWind QuickStart WhirlWind Manual

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System Requirements:

·    Intel x86 or equivalent system.

·    Adequate Memory – 256MB is recommended, if not using system memory for storage of data.  If system memory is being used to store data, (which will be lost upon shutdown of the system) then 512MB of memory is recommended.

·    For WiFi use: PCMCIA slot, USB port, or built-in miniPCI slot.

·    Compatible WiFi device.  A list of compatible devices is provided (See Appendix A, Table 1 – Tested WiFi Cards), but is not all inclusive.

·    For Storage: System memory, USB device, Firewire device, internal hard drive (resulting in host modification), PCMCIA storage device, etc. 

·    For GPS (for collecting GPS coordinates): USB GPS device or USB-to-serial converter for serial GPS device.  See Appendix C, Table 3 – Tested GPS Devices.

·    System capable of booting from CD-ROM drive.  (USB bootable build being tested for functionality.)


To view screenshots of WhirlWind, please click on the Screenshots icon below.


To utilize WhirlWind to its fullest potential at each level, please download the Google EarthTM file.  Click here.

For more information on WhirlWind or WindTunnel, contact Futures Inc. at (410) 430-3044 or go to our Contact Us page.


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