MetaScrub (service may be reached by selecting the name to the left)

At the most basic level, the metadata management needs of many users can be met simply by ensuring that no personal or specific data is unintentionally included within files they wish to share. Futures' MetaScrub capability allows our users to view and permanently remove much of the metadata contained in a variety of common file types, protecting their information and allowing worry free sharing of everything from pictures to documents.  MetaScrub is an online service component of Futures' IntrOSINT line of cybersecurity analysis and protection mechanisms.  This is the first of our public services to come.

This easy-to-use service is fast, thorough, and secure, and Futures will not retain any of your metadata or file contents – everything within your file is securely deleted from our servers within seconds of service completion, whether you buy from us or not. Best of all, you get to see the metadata contents and the results of the scrub of your file before deciding to pay to download your scrubbed file!

Metadata is literally “data about data,” which for computer files means additional information added to a file to improve functional or search efficiency, or to provide history or information about the file, the file author, or the system and software that hosted or manipulated the file. Metadata is compiled automatically, often without your knowledge or consent, by the program or tool you use to create or modify a file.

Why is metadata important? It depends on what information you do not wish to provide to anyone who can gain access to your files, such as those with whom you share them or who can find your files on a public web site or social networking service. Threats can include competitors, stalkers, and hackers … and even state-sponsored cyber intelligence teams.

For individuals, it may include information on you, your computer system, home network, or other personal data (consider if your kids also use your computer … or post/send out files from their own systems).

For companies, it can provide a hacker with insight into your corporate systems, networks, locations, and email. In sufficient quantities and over time, compiled metadata may increase the likelihood of a successful cyber-attack.

MetaScrub services site utilizes short term cookies for linking you to your uploaded file(s).  At no time is this information passed to a second party, and the cookies are only setup to live for three (3) minutes at a time.  At most, a single cookie will be allowed to live for 9 minutes, in total, if you walk through all phases of the process.  Files are kept on the server for a maximum of nine (9) minutes from the time of upload.  Futures' service destroys the files and does not utilize them in any manner outside of the service provided to you.  The files you upload are your information, and the service is set up to keep things private between you and the service.