WIMI (What Is My Information) is a service that has been stood up to provide information that your system and browser provide when talking to our servers.  This information can help identify how a website perceives your presence on the Internet.  The interface is very simple.  It supplies information about your system as our server views your connection.  Not all information may match your system information, based on whether or not you are behind a firewall, proxy, etc.  The information we provide includes the following information about your connection to WIMI:

-IP (Internet Protocol) Address
-Client Port used for the communications session
-Internet Connected Hostname
-Client Accept Language
-Client Request Protocol
-Client Request Method
-Client Accept Method
-Client Accept Encoding
-Browser Information

Specific information about these information sets can be found in the help area of WIMI.  This service can help those testing how an Internet server views their connection.  It can apply to validating a Proxy is working, a NAT Firewall is working as expected, or to validate a TOR connection is hiding your originating location.  Futures will expand this capability over time to provide additional enhancements that will help users in various ways.

This service is free, and we hope it can provide some assistance to users.  You may select any of the hyperlinks by service name on this page to experience the service.